2009 - May

Elite Tech Manufacturing Co., Ltd is established.

Elite Tech implemented the CDMA 800MHz (WLL) Project, collaborating with MPT.

2009 - November

Hi-Tech ICT Equipment Factory is built to assemble Base Transceiver Station Equipments, Fixed Wireless Terminals and Customer Premises Equipments of FTTx with imported parts from Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd China to fulfill as a kind for implementing of qualified Communication Network.

2010 - January

Elite Tech IT Services Co., Ltd is established and organized to distribute the One-time Prepaid RUIM Cards, SIM Cards, Top-Up Cards and Handsets for all Mobile Services.


Elite Tech  is currently Myanmar’s top Company in the Areas of IT Services, Engineering Projects & Manufacturing. Our ultimate Aim is to reach World Class Status and become a Multi-national Company.


Our Mission to achieve World Class Status is based on a 3-prong Strategy:

  1. Be a Reputable Employer using Modern Human Resource Strategies in the Selection / Training, Developing and Managing our best People;
  2. Provide up-to-date Quality Products &  Outstanding Service that meet Various Customer Needs and fully Reliable in all Engineering Projects Work.
  3. Provide Added Value to our Customers, Suppliers, Employees and Share-holders.



Our Core Values are best represented by ELITE as follows:

E = Excellence in both Quality Products & Service

L = Loyalty to all Stakeholders ( Shareholders, Employees & Suppliers )
I = Integrity & Honesty in all we do
T = Trustworthy – a Company  you can trust to do Business
E = Enterprising – pursuit of new Products / Services to meet Customer Needs